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First Baptist Church of Hurricane (FBC or FBCOH) supports a variety of in-church, local, regional, national, and international Christian mission efforts designed to meet the physical, financial, educational, and spiritual needs of people all around the world.

* The Board of Missions has developed a structured way of officially accepting and endorsing new mission-oriented groups from within the church. Please download and complete this form and return to the Board of Missions for review.

Please download and complete the Monthly/Quarterly Report Form and submit to the Board of Missions when appropriate.

FBC Supports West Virginia & American Baptist Mission efforts, including:

WV For Christ Offering (unique FBC offering collected in March)
35% Adult Mission Opportunity
35% FBC of Hurricane Youth Mission Trip (2012 Trip to Hopi Indian Reservation – AZ)
25% Fellowship of Christian Athletes (currently Hurricane Middle and High Schools)
05% ABW Ministries Scholarship Fund (to cover registration costs for events, etc)

One Great Hour of Sharing (collected in June)

World Mission Offering (collected in October)
Retired Ministers and Missionaries Offering (collected in December)
Alderson-Broaddus College
Campus Christian Center at Marshall University
Mountain State Mission Offering
American Baptist Women’s Ministries / Guilds
American Baptist Men’s Ministries / ABMen of West Virginia
Baptist Campus Ministries

International Missionaries directly supported by FBC:

David and Leslie Turley (Japan)
Debbie Mulneix (India)
PJ Elkins – Precious Life Ministries (Latvia) through Winfield Baptist Church (Facebook page)
PJ Elkins – January 2011 Update
Haiti Mission Support – *Most recent trip was February 23, 2011
J.D. and Rhonda Reed (Bolivia)
David and Jill Holmes – Missionary pilot family serving through Mission Aviation Fellowship in Mozambique, Africa beginning January 2012

American Baptist International Ministries: Haiti One Year Later
(for additional Haiti relief update videos, click here)

How to Support Your American Baptist Special Interest Missionaries (PDF) – Very Informative Document! Please read (click anywhere on link).

West Virginia Special Interest Missionaries – International

Click on missionary’s name to go to ABC-USA International Ministries website for biographical and missionary work information. Please pray regularly for these missionaries and their work sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ internationally. You can also send them encouragement in the form of a letter, card, gift, or financial support. Contact information can be found on their International Ministries website profile page.


Rev. Madeline Flores-Lopez
Peurto Rico


Rev. Charles and Mrs. Ruth Fox


Dr. Anita and Dr. Richard Gutierrez
South Africa


Rev. Mario Morales


Ms. Debra Mulneix
Bridgeport, WV (home from India currently)


Dr. David and Dr. Laura Parajon


Rev. John “JD” and Mrs. Rhonda Reed
Parkersburg (endorsed for Bolivia)
* Rhonda spoke at FBC of Hurricane in March 2011 and was presented with a check for $1100.00 in support of her family’s up-front expenses to get into the field.


Rev. Dr. Adalia and Rev. Raymond Schellinger
Valley Forge, PA


Rev. Stanley Slade
Royersford, PA – Global Consultant


Rev. David and Mrs. Leslie Turley



Ms. Karen Rachael Smith

2011 World Mission Offering Videos


January 2011 – Rev. Paul Morton of Valley View Baptist Church in Reno, OH shares his mission experiences in northeast India and thanks FBC of Hurricane for a recent financial donation to buy water purifiers.

David & Jill Holmes – Mission Aviation Fellowship – June 26, 2011 Evening Service

Adoniram Judson: First International Baptist Missionary

Other Mission Efforts Supported By FBC Include:

Weirton Christian Center

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Christian Community Cupboard (local food bank)
Habitat For Humanity
WV Baptist Convention Missions Giving/Use Information

2010 Mission Support Recognition Certificates